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Cabela’s Angler Cash


Cabela’s Angler Cash Contingency Program Requirements

Angler must fish in a Cabela’s Angler Cash qualifying tournament circuit in 2011

  • The Bass Federation
    • $200 Cabela’s Gift Card for each of the 48 state championship events
    • $500 Cabela’s Gift Card at the 7 TBF divisions Championships
    • $1000 Cabela’s Gift card to each highest finisher (boater and non boater) at the Federation National Championships
    • $250 Cabela’s Gift Card to the highest finisher in each age group of the NGJWC (11-14 and 15-18)
    • $250 Gift Card to each team member of the highest finishing TEAM in the High School Fishing World Finals

2. Angler or team must wear a Cabela’s Angler Cash patch during the event if allowed by the rules of the circuit they are fishing. Patch is provided by Cabela’s upon successful registration.

    • Cabela’s Angler Cash logo must be at least four inches in length and sewn or monogrammed on the upper right front side of the shirt.
    • Cabela’s Angler’s Cash logo must be worn from take-offs through weigh-ins during all days of qualifying tournaments.

3. Angler or team must place Cabela’s Angler Cash windshield decal on the driver’s side of their boat.

4. Angler or team must register for the contingency cash award prior to fishing the event. Registration may be completed online at

5. The highest finishing Cabela’s Angler Cash participant or team that wins event’s contingency amount. The Angler must be registered for the tournament circuit events to receive the maximum payout.

6. An extra bonus of $500 Cabela’s Gift Card will be awarded to the Cabela’s Angler’s Cash participant winner that has purchased their boat from a Cabela’s retail location. Angler must be registered for the boat bonus prior to the event.

7. For information or questions regarding the program you can e-mail your questions to