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Solarbat Club Fundraiser

With a little bit of effort and creative thinking, here is a program that you can earn enough money for your club to maybe pay all of your clubs dues or fund your clubs projects!    “It Pays to Belong To TBF!”

TBF started out looking for a fundraiser for our youth and college clubs and it has grown into a fundraiser for ALL TBF club and State Federations. “We knew we did not want to sell candy or cookies,” stated TBF President Robert Cartlidge, “We wanted something healthy, beneficial and that anyone would buy.”

TBF has worked out a program with TBF sponsor Solar Bat, top manufacturer of quality eyewear. Dr Gary Nesty, owner of Solar Bat is an angler himself and designed each pair of the glasses.  Safe, functional, quality eyewear at great price is something everyone needs. So TBF has harnessed the buying power of the federation to secure an insane amount of glasses in order to get a very low price that we could pass on to your clubs as a fundraiser.

The “SA” line. These are a TBF Pro-Staff quality pair of polarized glasses. They come standard with the TBF and Solar Bat logos, a micro fiber carrying and cleaning bag. This has several models and sizes at a industry low price point of $15.99 a pair.  For every pair of these glasses sold by a TBF Youth club, College club or State Federation, TBF will rebate back to your club up to $5 dollars a pair! If you are not one of those clubs, you receive up to $4 dollars a pair. So, with every purchase you are doing your part to help promote your organization & fund your club!

Beginning right now, your club can sell/order the glasses as shown on the flyers and start working on YOUR rebates, the downloadable pdfs of the flyers and club order forms are available here . All styles are in stock and ready to ship!

We can also do CUSTOM colors on the glasses frames (in any colors) and CUSTOM logos on the glasses in minimum orders of only 300 pair. For example, if your school or college colors are red and white, you can customize any pair of glasses to your specification, as long as they are ordered in lots of 300 per style, color/logo choice. Colors are not a problem, but we will need written permission to use anyone’s copyrighted logo.

Think outside the box. This program is not geared toward just TBF members.  Be creative about how you fundraise with the glasses. Friends and neighbors can always use a good pair of glasses. Talk to your local high school booster club, they may want to buy 300 pair in their school colors to sell at games and you can share most of the rebate with them so they make money for their youth programs and so do you! Local business and tackle stores may be interested in custom logoed glasses. They are less expensive than a custom hat or a T-shirt, GREAT advertising and, unlike stocking multiple sizes of T-shirts……one size fits most.

Anyone would be glad to buy from you knowing they are getting quality glasses and that every purchase will help support Youth and Conservation.

All sales will be on a pre-order basis. Send the full amount in with the glasses order and TBF will issue a donation/rebate check back to your club when the glasses ship back to you.  These SA Glasses of quantities and prices the glasses are in stock. For custom glasses, they have to be ordered and it takes 90 days to receive the glasses back once you place your order with TBF. But there is no limit to the number of glasses you can sell!

If you need prescription lenses the Matrix glasses on the premium line are available in prescription lens, or Solar Bat does sell many other styles and models with full prescription lens. Contact your local Solar Bat dealer or Solar Bat directly at

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at TBF National Office at 580.765.9031 or email

Good luck!

Download Flyer

SA Glasses Flyer & Orderform (PDF)