Qualifier #1 @ Okoboji Lake

With the first qualifier for a set Semi-final spots the anglers were ready for what could be either a good or bad day of fishing. With lake conditions of water temps anywhere from 62 to 68 degrees and fish from pre-spawn to post-spawn depending on which lake you fished, it was going to be a “hit or miss” proposition for all. And to add to the spottiness of the fishes moods the winds increased to 20+ mph which made more than half of the West Okoboji (the big lake) virtually unfishable but like always someone always seems to figure out the puzzle.

With local knowledge and a desire to make a statement Jerry Pape set a pace that was too much for anyone else to match. With a winning 5 fish bag of 22.15 lbs. Jerry set the tone of seeing what the lakes were capable of producing. On the non-boater side Doug Paterson won with 13.87 lbs.

Congrats to Jerry and Doug.

The following tournament results are as follows for Qualifier #1.

Top Finishers:

Boaters Division                                                                           Semi-final Qualifiers

Jerry Pape                          22.15                              Jerry Pape                          B

Mike McKnight                 21.20                                 Mike McKnight                 B

Tony Taylor                       17.73                                 Tony Taylor                       B

Jerry Avis                            17.64                                                                                              

Mark Borchers                  17.03                               Doug Patterson                 NB

                                                                                 Jacob Her                           NB

Non-Boaters Division                                               Russ Seaman                     NB

Doug Patterson                 13.87                                  

Jacob Her                           10.83                                  

Russ Seaman                     7.70                                    

BB Terry Svendsen                 5.27

Ranger Cup Jerry Avis