Qualifier #2 @ Okoboji Lake

With the first qualifier over the anglers again went out on Okoboji for the second qualifier for another set of Semi-final spots. This day was like the “Tale of Two Days” in the tournament world. With clear skies and less than 5 mph winds greeted the anglers who unleased they skills on what was fishing for spawning smallmouth to fishing for spawn and post-spawn largemouth.

What was a “hit or miss” proposition yesterday turned into batting practice for many with several limits caught per fisherman. With the ability to sight fish a good number of smallmouth over 4 lbs. were weighed in.

Once again with his local knowledge and a desire to put an exclamation point to the previous days  statement, Jerry Pape again set a pace that was too much for anyone else to match. With a winning 5 fish bag of 21.67 lbs.. Jerry stated that he had right at 21 lbs. within 90 minutes after blast-off. On the non-boaters side Jeremy Jensen won with 15.31 lbs.

Congrats to Jerry and Jeremy.

The following tournament results are as follows for Qualifier #2.

Top Finishers:

Boaters Division                                                                           Semi-final Qualifiers

Jerry Pape                          21.67                                Mark Sexton                      B

Mark Sexton                      19.11                                  Mark Borchers                  B

Mike McKnight                 18.80                       Jerry Avis                B                           

Mark Borchers                  18.65                                                                                              

Jerry Avis                            18.41                           Jeremy Jensen                  NB

                                                                                              Billy Ray              NB

Non-Boaters Division                                                 Giles Monif                        NB

Jeremy Jensen                  15.31                                  

Jacob Her                           11.99                                  

Billy Ray                              10.13                                  

BB Mark Borchers                  4.80

Ranger Cup Mark Borchers