Fort Randall Casino & Hotel Title Sponsor for 2022

We are proud to announce that Fort Randall Casino/Hotel will be our title sponsor for this year!

Contact them at 800-362-6333 and mention you’re with TBF Nebraska when booking your room for the qualifiers at Francis Case June 25 and 26th 

Jordan Hirt and Scot Blaesi head south for their chance at $400,000

Getting to fish for nearly $400,000 in cash and prizes is a common occurrence for TBF Nebraska members and on February 28th Jordan Hirt and Scott Blaesi will have their chance at that prize pool when they travel to the TBF National Championship held on Lake Conroe, Texas.  They both qualified for this no-entry event by winning the Nebraska division at the 2021 TBF Semi-finals held last fall on Lake Okoboji, IA. TBF Nebraska caught up with Hirt and Blaesi before they head south, and here’s what they had to say about the opportunity.

“First I would like to thank my wife and daughter and for allowing me the time away to chase my dreams and take care of everything while I am away from home.” Hirt said. He also credited his fishing partners for his success stating that they have been a key to allowing him to grow as an angler. He often times would bounce ideas off of them during the tournament and practice allowing him to help understand the fish and the conditions.

Hirt began researching Lake Conroe in late December, but for Blaesi, he has been preparing for even longer. “I’ve had stuff in my living room for months now. New line, cleaning reels, prepping tackle.” 

Neither Hirt nor Blaesi have been to Lake Conroe before, which means they have to have a game plan going into practice if they want to be successful. The plan is to break the lake down into sections and fish a new section each day of practice, paying attention to the water color, structure and water temp within each section of the lake. “Everything will depend on weather, water temp and lake level”, Blaesi said. Hirt explained that the south Texas fishery’s water color is typically more stained, but that’s nothing new to him, “fishing our local dirty water lakes will help (me) pick apart Lake Conroe”.

Due to the timing of the tournament Hirt and Blaesi both believe that the spawn will be a major player in how good the fishing will be. This type of fishing plays right into the hand of Blaesi whose strength is targeting pre-spawn and spawning fish. Hirt feels that if someone can bring a five bass limit of 20 pounds each day, that person will take home the win on the boater side. Blaesi thinks that a co-angler will need to bring in 15 pounds per day to take home the trophy, maybe even a 20 pound bag on one of the days.

Hirt wanted to thank his friends at pure fishing, “…without them I would not be able to get last minute tackle orders that are needed for these events.” Blaesi wanted to thank his travel partner and longtime TBF Member Kent Priel, “He has always been there for me and made me the bass fisherman that I am today.”

Good luck boys and tight lines!

Hirt and West take the win on Lake of the Ozarks and Truman

In total we had 33 boats compete between our two events between Lake of the Ozarks, and Truman Lake!

Jordan Hirt unlocked Lake of the Ozarks bringing in 19.94lbs to the scales.  President Pat Klausen came in 2nd with 13.14, with a log jam of anglers bringing between 12-10lbs to the scale.  Rich West brought in the big fish of the tournament weighing in 5.83lbs.  Draven Ray took home the non-boater honors weighing in 1 fish for 4.85lbs.

Jordan Hirt


Speaking of Rich West, he brought 18.15lbs to the scales at Truman lake, also weighing in a 6.35lbs behemoth taking big bass of the tournament.  Dave Thomsen came in 2nd with 13.66lbs and Jerry Pape came in 3rd weighing in 12.18lbs.  The weights dropped off fast with multiple anglers brining in 4-2lbs.  Scott Blaesi brought 8.44lbs to the scale to lead the non-boaters side!

Congrats to all of our anglers and we will see you in September in Okoboj for the National Semifinals!  





  Rank Name Number of Fish Weight Big Fish
Boater 1 Jordan Hirt 5 19.94 5.18
Boater 2 Pat Klausen 5 13.14  
Boater 3 Marshall Halverson 4 12.27 4.57
Boater 4 Jerry Pape 5 12.14  
Boater 5 Zane Ridpath 5 11.77  
Boater 6 Bob Walla 4 10.64 4.71
Boater 7 Dave Thomsen 5 10.35  
Boater 8 Terry Hussey 3 10.03  
Boater 9 Rich West 2 8.89 5.83
Boater 10 Shane Oltjenbruns 2 6.49  
Boater 11 Lee Wubbels 1 2.86  
Boater 12 Mike Hansen 1 2.23  
Boater 15 Leon Gehrig 0 0  
Boater 15 Bill Dunlap 0 0  
Boater 15 Kent Priel 0 0  
Non-Boater 1 Draven Ray 1 4.85  
Non-Boater 2 Scott Blaesi 1 2.55  
Non-Boater 3 Mark Halverson 1 2.16  
Non-Boater 4 Billy Ray 0 0  


    Name Number of Fish Weight Big Fish
Boater 1 Rich West 5 18.15 6.35
Boater 2 Dave Thomsen 5 13.66  
Boater 3 Jerry Pape 5 12.18  
Boater 4 Terry Hussey 2 4.33  
Boater 5 Lee Wubbels 2 4.24  
Boater 6 Mike Hansen 1 3.55  
Boater 7 Dean Matuszewski 1 2.85  
Boater 8 Jay Spencer 1 2.27  
Boater 9 Zane Ridpath 1 1.9  
Boater 10 Bob Walla 1 1.7  
Boater 18 Leon Gehrig 0 0  
Boater 18 Pat Klausen 0 0  
Boater 18 Bill Dunlap 0 0  
Boater 18 Kent Priel 0 0  
Boater 18 Shane Oltjenbruns 0 0  
Boater 18 Jordan Hirt 0 0  
Boater 18 Nate Diamond 0 0  
Boater 18 Marshall Halverson 0 0  
Non-Boater 1 Scott Blaesi 3 8.44  
Non-Boater 2 Mark Halverson 2 3.29  
Non-Boater 3 Billy Ray 1 2.48  
Non-Boater 4 Draven Ray 1 1.89  

Nebraska Junior State Championship Coming Soon!

Hello All,

First off I would like to thank everyone who fished the Nebraska State High School Bass Tournament, for a great weekend of fishing at Red Willow!! Congrats to the McCook teams for catching 20+ pound bags each day! This was our biggest turn out ever and what a great bunch of kids/parents and boat captains. 

We are going to have the Nebraska Jr. State Tournament on Saturday June 19th on the Missouri River.  We will launch the boats from the boat ramp just down from Gavins Point Dam. The boat ramp is in the Nebraska Tailwaters Campground.  BASS is having a college tournament at the same ramp so the kids will get to see some of the college fishing teams.  We will fish from 6:30am-1:30pm and weigh in the fish right back at the boat ramp.  Rules meeting will be at 6:15am and then we will launch the boats right after.  This is the first year for us to get the tournament out to everyone in the state, so we can try and grow our Jr. Program. So PLEASE let everyone you know that this tournament is open to any kids that have not started High School.  Anyone that has graduated 8th grade or younger is eligible to compete in the State Tournament. This is a team format, so two kids and a boat captain is all you need to come fish.  The kids will need a TBF Junior membership which is $25 per kid and the tournament is free entry fee. 

So for every 10 teams we have we can qualify 1 team to go fish the Junior World Championship. This year it is very close for Nebraska, It is on the Mississippi River at the Quad Cities.  Just across Iowa. The kids will fish 2 days and then the top teams will fish the 3rd day for the World Championship. 

I would appreciate if all of you would share this with anyone interested in getting their kids into the fishing world!  Anyone interested can call/text or email me and I will get them registered and signed up.


Chris Teter

Nebraska Youth Director TBF/SAF